One Direction: How to pull Harry Styles, top tips from his pal Nick Grimshaw

Harry Styles is one of the most sought after celebs in the world and it's mainly by single, and taken girls.

But a little (ok, a lot) of competition shouldn't put you off trying to pull the One Direction star, omg! asked his friend, Nick Grimshaw for some advice on pulling Mr Harry Styles.

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Nick Grimshaw told omg!: "If I were a Harry Styles fan, ok I am a fan, but say,  if I loved Justin Bieber I'd get in with Selena Gomez.

"Get in with the girlfriend and then be like 'I'm really happy for the couple.'

"Then you can just get in there with her man, [laughs]."

The presenter, who spent Valentine's Day with Harry, advised fans not to be hateful towards One Direction's girlfriends and instead to try and be friends with them.

To stae Harry Styles' heart you'll have to be nice to his girlfreinds /WENN

A nice sentiment, we think, and one we hope One Direction fans will direct at Emma Ostilly, Eleanor Calder and Danielle Peazer.

Although Grimmy's T4 colleague Jameela Jamil who was with him promoting T4 On the Beach, was a bit concerned about the manipulation techniques he was encouraging.

As a close pal of Harry Styles, Grimmy knows what girls need to do to win him over/WENN

But the brunette soon showed her softer side telling us: "I feel sorry for anyone that gets involved with One Direction, it's the kiss of death.

"And I feel sorry for them because of the amount of abuse they get even if you're just photographed with them.

"When I was interviewing Justin Bieber I got abuse from people."

Fortunately for team omg! we've escaped any fan hate, although we've only had the honour of meeting the One Direction boys once *refreshes the 1D meet memory for 1000th time*

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