One Direction pose in Japan, we marvel at their gorgeousness

This really is a great day, not only is it Friday but new One Direction pictures have landed - giving us the perfect opportunity for a quick drool.

Oi Zayn, where has your quiff gone?! Copyright: [rex]

They really are just gorge, aren't they?

But don't ask us to pick our fave, because we tried and we just can't, it would be like picking between our children.

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However, saying that we are rather in love with Harry Styles and his slicked back 'do in these snaps.

Taylor Swift is undoubtedly kicking herself, or most definitely should be anyway.

Meanwhile it would seem that Zayn Malik has ditched the quiff and we're not sure whether we are fans just yet.

Fit. Copyright: [rex]

Of course, he is a fitty with or without but a Zayn Malik without a quiff is a bit like One Direction without a Zayn Malik... just not the same!

The boys are currently over in Japan showing everyone there just how amazing they are and we are sure recruiting plenty more Directioners everywhere they go.

However, apparently the Japanese are struggling to understand the boys and things have gone a smidge Lost in Translation.

The language barrier left the boys all kind of confused in a press conference earlier today making for some truly awks exchanges.

See for yourselves by clicking here.

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