One Direction perform on Children in Need, Fearne Cotton threatens to shave Harry Styles locks

Following two performances with his band One Direction on last night's Children in Need, Harry Styles narrowly avoided having his head shaved on national TV.

Fearne nearly broke the heart of a million tweens across the globe. Copyright [BBC]

That's right, Harry Styles' famous curls nearly met their maker, in the form of Fearne Cotton.

After performing new single 'Little Things', presenter Fearne took to the stage to have a chat with the boys, brandishing a pair of clippers.

Talking to Harry Fearne said: "So I've heard that you, Harry, will shave your head for Children In Need!"

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An awkward looking Harry clearly didn't know what to say, while an excitable Louis spurred Fearne on saying: "He did say that, I heard him say that!"

After a lot of umming and erring a deflated Harry simply said: "Sure, go for it if you want."

Luckily for Harry, Fearne was only joking and put the clippers down saying:"I can't! I can't be held responsible for that! Could you imagine?"

Louis goaded Fearne on to shave Harry's locks. Copyright [PA]

That was probably the right decision to make Fearne

We're pretty sure there would be many an unhappy One Direction fan out there if you had gone through with it.

You may remember a couple of weeks back when Harry made an off the cuff comment about what it would take for him to shave his head.

He told Freshly Squeezed: "Yes I would, if I raised enough money then yeah... for Children In Need."

Well that casual comment very nearly cost him dearly.