One Direction: Olly Murs will be like our older brother

Olly Murs may have put off his tour with One Direction for Soccer Aid today.

One Direction can't wait to have Olly Murs on their tour. Copyright [PR image]

But it sounds like the One Direction boys can't WAIT to have Olly Murs out in the US with them - when he makes it over.

1D's Zayn Malik told us that they see the Xtra Factor presenter as an older brother figure and are looking forward to him joining them.

Zayn told us: "We've met him a few times, he's a really cool guy and we're looking forward to getting on the road.

"It'll be cool to have an older guy with us hopefully. A bit like an older brother kind of role."

One Direction Olly MursOne Direction are currently in the States gigging. Copyright [Rex]

An older brother you bully? *snigger*

Zayn added that Mr Murs needs to be scared because the five 'younger brothers' are getting a TON of pranks ready for hitting the road together.

He added: "He should be worried about the pranks cos there are gonna be plenty of them."

But when we asked him to share in their plans (we wouldn't tell anyone, honest *crosses fingers behind back*) he said his lips were sealed.

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He said: "That'd be giving it away. I'll let Olly tell you what happens to him on tour. You can hear it first time."

When we chatted to Olly Murs earlier in the year he told us he couldn't wait to get out there with the 1D boys on tour.

And said he was slightly worried about what they'd get up to. He also told us that he reckoned the American girls wouldn't be able to understand his accent.

But Zayn told us that they have no problem understanding his Yorkshire twang.

And he also added that the US fans were much more forward than the British ones. Ooo.

He said: "They're a little bit more confident. They'll just come over to you and speak to you. Just a bit more forward."