One Direction are number one in 32 countries, so here are 32 reasons why we love them

Did you know One Direction are number one in 32 blimmin' countries? Not bad, eh?  Yep, Take Me Home is number one in more countries than we would care to name.

We love One D and can you 32 reasons why. Copyright [Ben Riggott]

So instead of naming all those countries we have decided to celebrate by telling you 32 reasons why we (and why you should, if you don't already) LOVE One Direction.

So here we have the omg! 32 reasons why we just LOVE One Direction! (in no particular order)

1.            Zayn Malik's amazing hair. Any man who can rock a peroxide skunk quiff is alright by us, even if Russell Kane did get there first.

2.            The Directioners. Quite possibly the best fans in all of showbiz, even if they can be little crazy… in fact, we are quite scared even mentioning them in this article. But at least we know wherever One D go, a trail of screaming girls will always follow.

3.            Niall Horan's er, friendship with Demi Lovato… ARE THEY? AREN'T THEY? Frankly, who cares, the best bit is trying to work it out.

Niall Horan and Demi LovatoDemi Lovato has said that she and Niall Horan enjoy spending time together but they are 'just mates' WHATEV!. Copyright …

4.            Larry Stylinson, the only bromance we really care about has to be that between a certain Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson.

5.            Niall Horan's accent, give us an Irishman and we could listen to him all night long.

6.            Liam Payne's transformation from Mr Sensible to Mr P.A.R.T.Y. Ever since splitting up from Danielle Peazer it seems Mahiki just can't get rid of Mr Payne, and we love him for it. Shots, anyone?

Liam loves to party. Copyright: [Splash]

7.            Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards. Just THE most beautiful couple in pop, literally. Can you imagine the children? We know we have. That's not weird, right?

Zayn Malik and Perrie EdwardsZayn Malik and Perrie Edwards are clearly properly loved up. Copyright [Rex]

8.            The fact One Direction have their own blimmin' shop on Madison Avenue. One D onesie anyone?

9.            Harry's mum. Anne Styles is the best mum in pop. Anne once sold her car on eBay for £6,000 quoting Harry in the description. Plus, she climbed Kilimanjaro for charideee, and with the support of the Directioners, that is a whole lot of cash raised!

10.          The fact they have basically taken over the world, number one in 32 flippin' countries? Not at all bad! Not to mention that double whammy number one single and album over here.

11.          Harry's curls, long may he condition.

12.          Niall Horan's brace. We appreciate a man with a healthy relationship with his orthodontist.

13.         Baby Lux. One D love their stylist's Lou's little baby, and we love cooing at the pics. Ditto puppies, we love One Direction and puppies: double cute.

Zayn Malik and Baby LuxZayn Malik and Baby Lux. Copyright [Twitter]

One D and a load of puppies? Too cute. Copyright: [Wonderland]

14.          One D on Spanish TV, they went crazy, the producers couldn't believe it (or understand a word they said…). YOUTUBE IT, NOW!

15.          They really are ludicrously good looking.

16.          What Makes You Beautiful, because we like singing it in front of the mirror every morning. With the CD on obvs, or that could be a bit odd.

One D on X Factor in 2010. Copyright: [rex]

17.          They are easily the most successful act off The X Factor EVER and they didn't even darn well win!

18.          Remember when Harry whispered all that filth into Matt Cardle's ear? Along the lines of cats, and lots of them? Yeah, we liked that.

19.          Harry's cougars. Caroline Flack, Lucy Horobin, Natalie Imbruglia… Oh the list is endless!

Haz got with Caz, we gasped. Copyright: [wenn]

20.          One Direction are mates with Ed Sheeran, in fact he wrote a load of stuff on their album, we happen to love Ed so it's only natural we would love One D, it's a bit like a pop chain reaction.

21.          Niall Horan doesn't like vegemite and either do we.

22.          They caught chlamydia off a koala bear and lived to tell the tale, you've got to admire that.

23.          Eleanor Calder. Louis Tomlinson could have pretty much about any lady but could he be any more in love with Eleanor? We don't think so. PERFECT BOYFRIEND MUCH?

Louis says Mummy Calder doesn't need to worry. Copyright: [rex]

24.          They are mates with Tom Daly, so if we make friends with them he might snog us? Well, it's worth a try.

25.          Harry's bromance with a certain Radio One DJ. No, not Tim Westwood (even though that would be one friendship we would like to follow…). Yep, it's Nick Grimshaw!

We love the bromance. Copyright: [wenn]They borrow eachother's clothes, they LOL on the radio. Basically, there are in love and we thus, are in love with them.

26.          They can ALL sing.

27.          They love a good on stage box, even if there little feet don't quite always touch the ground.

28.          They're legal.

29.          Harry Styles looks like a young Mick Jagger, don't believe us? Just ask your Mum.

Frankly, it's uncanny. Copyright: [wenn]

30.          They know their fashion. One D love a good pair of braces and a skrunken blazer and are always looking pretty damn sharp.

31.          Niall once shoved a birthday cake in his own face.

32.          The fact this list could pretty easily go on forever.

Do you love them now? Or are you in denial? Because frankly, it's one or the other.