One Direction notch up 12 million record sales and owe it all to the Directioners!

One Direction have notched up a ridiculous 12 million record sales in less than a year.

Congrats, boys! Copyright: [rex]

That means 12 million people around the world probably know all the words to 'What Makes You Beautiful', us included.

To put things into perspective, that is more people than the population of Greece.

The boys were awarded a special disk from their, presumably very chuffed, record label.

We reckon they probably deserve a bonus after all that!

We wonder how many countries from the Olympic Opening Ceremony have their own population of Directioners?

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After all, their album 'Up All Night' has been number one in 16 different countries.

The boys are as thrilled as they look in this snap, with Liam saying how it really is thanks to the fans they have got to where they are.

Not quite sure what Louis is up to?! Copyright: [rex]

Liam Payne says: "We are obviously ecstatic and incredibly humbled by our award today."

"We have an incredible team of people around us who have helped us achieve this and above all we would like to thank our fans. We owe all our success to them."

It's so weird to think that the boys only came third in the X Factor two years ago and now they have basically taken over the world.

Keep up the good work boys!