One Direction, Up All Night: Review (with a little help from fans)

We review One Direction's debut album Up All Night - with a little help from their biggest fans!

1) What Makes You Beautiful - The one to listen to on holiday sunbathing

What we say: Out last summer so it will always remind us of sunshine. Plus it's fun, feel good and American-sounding.  That video of the boys on the beach plays in our head whenever we hear it.

What you say: @ohmydirectioner gaal My fave songs are ofcourse, WMYB & GBY, because they really make me feel good when I'm down. One Thing & Memories, because (c) those are songs we, as a fanbase, knew the boys could sing and produce.

@navystyles I really like What Makes You beautiful! it's the first and best song ever :) and taken & gotta be you are amazing songs too:)

2) Gotta Be You - The one to listen to in your bedroom

What we say: More ballady and slow, the lads' second single makes us feel all festive and Christmassy and that's probably also to do with the video. It's a bit sulky and makes us wanna stare out of our window with snow falling down.

3) One thing - The one to listen to while getting ready in the morning

What we say: The strong beat and chorus will make you want to 'get up' and out of bed even if you feel like hiding under the duvet.

What you say: @ZahraBlack94 One Thing and up all night...they're both so catchy :D #onedirection

4) More Than This - The one to listen to late in the evening

What we say: The guitar-based track has a soft rythm and real sexiness. Whether alone, with BFF or with your boyfriend it's guaranteed to make you feel all emosh. Reminds us a bit of Westlife/Take That's ballads.

What you say: @AngelicaJ98 "more than this"! It's sooo good! :D I think it's because all of them have a part in it! ;)

@SarahJane1DTW I love More Than This because of Niall's solo.. Its amazing! Its also a good song! I also love Stole My Heart.. :) x

@vickykennedyx 'More than this' because you get to hear Louis and Niall sing and they sound beautiful and 'Taken' <3<3

5) Up All Night - The one to get ready to go out to

What we say: It's an up tempo track with references to Katy Perry and DJs in the lyrics. Makes us wanna move our feet. And definitely makes us wanna stay up all night.

6) I Wish - The one that will make you cry

What we say: Not sure why but it makes us think of  our exes. Sad words, sad song. Lighter sway at the ready.

7) Tell Me a Lie - The one to listen to while walking to the bus stop

What we say: The kind of up-beat track you'd happily kick along leaves to.

8) Taken - The one that will make you feel all romantic

What we say: Soft and soulful. Makes us imagine we're on a film set.

What you say: @smurfismurfan Mine is Taken or Moments because they're just not like the other songs on the album.They're amazayn<3 #onedirection

9) I want - The one be a diva to

What we say: One of our fave tracks. Up-beat and jaunty with a serious drum beat. Perfect for house parties as it has a catchy tune and not many words (to forget!).

10) Everything About You - The one to dance to

What we say: Techno beat, perfect for throwing some shapes on the dance floor in your best party frock.

11) Same Mistakes - The one to listen to on a long car journey

What we say: Well emosh. We want to stare out of the window on the motorway with rain pouring down while it gets dark. Another one of our other faves.

12) Save you tonight - The one to listen to with friends on a Saturday afternoon

What we say: Upbeat, fun and strong. Bit of girl power in there too so perfect for a shopping spree on a Saturday afternoon with BFs.

13) Stole My Heart - the one to club to

What we say: Doesn't sound very 1D at all actually. We're not sold.

What you say: @Uponedirection My favorite song is More than this & Stole my heart couse' I identify with these songs & touch my heart♥

Bonus Tracks

14) Stand Up - the one to make you surprised

What we say: Yes there are more!

15) Moments - The one written by Ed Sheeran

What you say: @Sarah_Stylinson Moments is just amazing. The lyrics are beautiful and so are the voices. Theyre solo's are to die for. #onedirection

@directionloverr Moments - Ed Sheeran did a fantastic job and it is so beautiful, then the rest of the songs because they are just perfect:)

@JustTashxx Tash My fave song is (if I have to chose one) moments! It's so amazing and their voices really show! AND it's written by @edsheeran