Siva The Wanted and One Direction’s Niall Horan ignore the rivalry, have ‘the craic’

Despite the fact their bands pretty much hate each other, The Wanted's Siva reckons he doesn't let that get in the way of his friendship with One Direction's Niall Horan.

Siva reckons he and Niall have great craic. Copyright: [rex]

Siva says that he reckons Niall is just 'sound' and whenever he sees him the pair have excellent 'craic'.

That's Irish for great fun, in case y'don't know.

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He told the Sunday World newspaper: “I’ve met Niall a few times and he’s a sound lad."

"I have friends who live in Mullingar where he’s from and people there are quite sound. Whenever I see Niall, he says hello and we have the craic.”

Aw that's nice, we wonder if we can join in on all this 'craic'?

The Wanted at the Jingle Ball Ball. Copyright: [wenn]

We wish we could say the rest of The Wanted and One Direction have made up for Christmas alas, it seems that is not the case.

We spoke to Max, Nathan and Tom recently at the Jingle Bell Ball and it would the bands are yet to kiss and make up.

As they had both recently been touring in the US we asked whether they had seen much of each other.

Max, who was the one who'd got himself involved in a Twitter spat with Zayn Malik, told us: "We didn't see them.

"They were very quick to be in and out to be honest which was a shame because we wanted to but I'm sure we'll cross paths again some time."

Max did get a little dig in, telling us: "We try not to react too much to silly little petty banter like that."

Well, we reckon it's about time they made up, for Santa's sake any way.