One Direction’s Niall Horan pictured with Amanda Cover Drive, just who isn’t he mates with?

Niall Horan can now add Amanda from Cover Drive to his long list of celeb buddies.

Niall met Amanda after a gig. Copyright: [Twitter]

Just how many does he need? Flirting with Demi Lovato, hanging out with Tulisa and not to mention partying with Alexandra Burke.

He even recently tweeted a snap of him just casually chilling with Lucy Mecklenburgh from TOWIE.

Just as you do!

Niall and Lucy Meck! Copyright: [Twitter]

And now he's added Amanda from Cover Drive to his impressive celeb photo album after meeting her after a gig they were both performing at.

Well, she is gorgeous so who could blame him for asking for a cheeky snap?

Her equally fit band mate T-Ray told The Mirror that both Amanda and Niall were equally as excited to be snapped together.

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"When Amanda asked someone to take a picture of them both we couldn't tell who was more excited, him or her,"

"I joked and said, 'I'm sure he doesn't mind a picture with Amanda.' He responded 'I REALLY don't mind!',"'

We bet he didn't!

However, it seems the celebs just can't get enough of old Niall but hands off, we fancied him first.

But we hope Amanda has been warned, don't go kissing Niall unless you want a mouth ulcer! Just ask Olly Murs


It also would seem that it's not just Niall who is a Cover Drive fan, Little Mix also made sure they had a pic taken with the band after they both performed in Brighton.

Little Mix also wanted a snap with Cover Drive. Copyright: [Twitter]