One Direction’s Niall Horan DENIES being involved in minor car crash

Reports this morning suggested that just days after passing his driving test last week One Direction's Niall Horan had been involved in a car crash.

Niall's car's wheels were seen leaving the road. Copyright: [wenn]

Super scary stuff to be waking up to.

A tabloid newspaper reported that the One D star was being driven home in his Range Rover when it slipped in the ice and mounted the inside crash barrier.

But within hours Niall himself had taken to Twitter to rubbish the story - saying it wasn't even his vehicle.

He tweeted simply: "I was not in a crash and that is not my car".

Right well that settles that then. Was it a doppleganger of the star then?

The Sun reported that Niall just been picked up with the other boys who were travellng in separate cars from Heathrow’s Terminal Five after landing back from Japan.

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The 19-year-old was reportedly seen shaking as he eventually managed to get out the car but thankfully is completely fine.

An eye witness told The Sun: "They all waved as they went past, then the crash happened so suddenly. It must have been terrifying -- the car's wheels lifted off the road." Hmmmm.

Niall was seen shaking at the side of the road. Copyright: [wenn]

Meanwhile his bandmate Harry Styles is back on the front pages today, after ex-girlfriend Taylor Swift flew into London to have talks with him.

Our source told us exclusively that the country singer can't get Hazza out of her head, and wants to get back with him so she can spoil him for his upcoming birthday.

The source said: "Taylor is refusing to give up on their romance even though Harry walked away and has told her he’s not committing to anyone at the moment. Taylor came to London to talk to Harry face to face about spending his birthday with her."

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