One Direction’s Niall Horan has food poisoning. Who wants to play nurse?

One Direction cutie Niall Horan is ill in bed with food poisoning *sickly face*

One fifth of the One Direction boys Niall Horan revealed on Twitter that he was feeling pretty under the weather.

But he has now told fans that it's not the flu he's got - but a bout of food poisoning. Yuck!

Irish chappie Niall has just finished One Direction's Australia and New Zealand tour with his fellow bandmates Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Zayn Malik and Liam Payne.

But it looks like he's too laid up in bed to celebrate properly. And WE'RE wondering whether it was something to do with the vegemite he tasted LIVE on Aussie TV.

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He first tweeted: "not feeling the best! sore all over! under the weather as they say!"

Then he told followers: "That was a long day, feeling a tad bit better, need a good nights sleep!"

But it looks like a few hours kip did nothing to make him feel better and Niall Horan revealed: "Food poisining not good!"

It could also be the fact that Simon Cowell is reportedly paying the 1D boys in jelly beans that has upset Niall's wee stomach.

The cheeky chappy told The Sun: "Simon Cowell is tight. That's why he's so successful - he's able to keep his money to himself. We're paid in jelly beans."

Although that kind of payment doesn't sound too bad to us we're not sure it's all that good to be guzzling sweeties all the time. And knowing how successful the boys are, that's probably a helluva lot of sweets.

We're wishing Niall Horan better. But most importantly who wants to play nurse? *hand shoots up*