One Direction’s Niall Horan dyes hair purple, has he taken Katy Perry love too far?

One Direction were told by Simon Cowell not to change their hair, and while all of the other band members obeyed, naught Niall Horan hasn't.

niall horanNiall Horan appeared to rock purlpe hair this week. Copyright [Twitter]

The Irish cutie appeared to have hit the (dye) bottle as a photo of him with purple locks surfaced on Twitter.

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We knew Niall Horan was a fan of Katy Perry but we didn't know his loved stretched as far as channeling her hair styles and hues!

Will he turn blue or baby pink next? We hope not!

niall horanNiall Horan clearly likes to play with is looks. Copyright [Twitter]

As fans (and no doubt One Direction's management) panicked, it was soon became obvious that the purple tint was just bleach that helps bring out strong blonde tones.

Although the look seemed to suit the star as he played up to the camera with a raised eyebrow and his piercing peepers staring right at us. *sighs*

niall horanYes, Niall certainly likes to mix things up! Copyright [Twitter]

The photo comes shortly after Niall returned from a holiday in TOWIE hot spot Marbella, and his decision to dye his hair again must come from the harm strong sun, heat and chemicals in swimming pools can have on hair.

And the singer's desire to look his best no doubt came from the One Direction boys being back at work yesterday as they shot their new album cover.