One Direction’s Niall Horan adds jet lag to list of ailments *sad face*

Poor old Niall Horan. He's not only been struck down with food poisoning recently, but now he's suffering the rubbish effects of jet lag.

Niall Horan returned to the UK with the rest of his One Direction bandmates earlier this week, and his body clock hasn't returned to normal.

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Niall tweeted last night: "The jab I got off jetlag today was digusting! Feel like I've done 12 rounds with tyson! #brickwall" [sic]

And this morning, things weren't much better for the One Direction hottie, as he said: "Why do I wake up before 9 everyday! Bodyclock is all over the shop aaha!" [sic]

Niall Horan is suffering with food poisoning / WENNWe're not surprised he's feeling all over the place. The boys haven't been in the UK for months, as they've been on a promotional trail to America, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Phew.

Poor Niall Horan also contracted food poisoning earlier in the week, so we think his poor body could do with a rest.

Niall Horan arriving back in London earlier this week / WENNHe tweeted about his food poisoning, sounding very sorry for himself: "not feeling the best! sore all over! under the weather as they say! Food poisining not good!" [sic]

Let's hope the One Direction singer is feeling better soon. From the looks of things, he's been enjoying a healthy dose of This Morning - which is pretty much medically proven to cure all illnesses.