‘One Direction are more famous than me!’ says Nicole Scherzinger

Nicole Scherzinger reckons that One Direction have over taken her in the fame game.

One D stole Nicole's premiere! Copyright: [rex]

Nicole says how even at the premiere for her own film she felt upstaged by the One Direction boys!

"It's totally weird… I had my Men in Black premiere and they practically stole it!"

Well, we must admit if One D are on a red carpet we are most likely going to look at them over everyone else.

Nic continued, saying how she was left rather unimpressed that a boy band managed to outshine the stars of the film — namely, herself!

One D at the MIB premiere. Copyright: [rex]

"I was like 'Excuse me! I'm in the movie, scoot over, thank you!'"

And The X Factor judge admits she had to give the boys a bit of a warning: "I had to remind them!" she says.

Well, what did she expect? These are basically the five most famous boys on the planet after all.

And we have Nicole to thank for that after she was, of course, part of the judging panel who put the band together.

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But have they thanked her yet? Nicole says NO.

"Those little buggers! I haven't received flowers yet from them - I'm waiting!"

Come on lads, a little gratitude wouldn't go amiss!

And Nicole just can't believe how huge One Direction are now:

"It's crazy to see how massive they are - they just performed at the Olympics. It feels like yesterday since we were auditioning them and I was like, 'let's put them together'. It feels wonderful to have had a helping hand in that."

We for one would like to thank you Nicole, a world without 1D would be very boring!