One Direction and McFly spend day songwriting, aren’t very productive

We absolutely love the idea of two of our favourite bands teaming up for a bit of songwriting.

Niall Horan, One DirectionNiall Horan tweeted this photo of Tom Fletcher. Copyright [Niall Horan]And that's exactly what happened yesterday, when One Direction and McFly spent the day together, getting all creative and making music - or whatever it is that music types say.

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However, we don't get the impression that One Direction and McFly were particularly productive during their songwriting session.

Niall Horan tweeted a photo of Tom Fletcher from McFly playing a purple kids' guitar.

One DirectionMcFly are writing for One Direction's new album. Copyright [WENN]Niall tweeted it alongside the caption: "This one photo describes the session with the lads today hahaha"

We're taking that to mean the boys spent most of their day mucking around and having a laugh. Which we can forgive them for, so long as they do come up with some tunes for One Direction's new album.

Back when the collaboration was confirmed, Tom Fletcher revealed that he was excited about the prospect of writing for One Direction.

He said: "I can't wait to write more tunes for One Direction as I'm really proud of their success in Amer­ica I haven't been given a brief as to what kind of song they want from me; we're just waiting to see what I come up with."