One Direction mag labels Caroline Flack an ‘old woman’, Caroline admits she is hurt

Caroline Flack has been labeled a 'grandma', a 'goat' and 'thin-skinned' in an American magazine article.

The mag featured a 'vodoo doll' of Caroline. Copyright: [twitter/rex]

The article, headlined 'Go Away', featured in a One Direction fanzine called The Girl's Guide to One Direction.

We know One D fans are rather protective of their Harry Styles but this is just downright bullying.

The image of Caroline has pins sticking into various parts of her which lead to nasty captions mainly about her appearance.

One points to her 'crows' feet' which show that whoever wrote this 'article' must have funny eyes or a darn good imagination.

It makes for uncomfortable reading. Copyright: [twitter]

It really does make for some horrendous reading.

The obviously WELL jel writer points out Caroline's 'dirty blonde dye job' and hair which they reckon is like 'a petting zoo'.

The article later points out:  "Zero engagement rings because no one wants to be with her."

Well, er, sorry to point out the obvious but Harry did!

Caroline admits on Twitter that she was hurt by the words in the article, but later pointed out that her seven year old niece could have written a better one.

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She says: 'I'm very aware about the voodoo doll article in a certain magazine and have been for some time. It was one of the most hurtful things I've ever read".

"But thank you for all the nice supportive messages! I don't take notice of nasty things written to encourage bullying."

She later tweeted her thanks, after hundreds of messages of support were sent her way.

"I've never had so many nice messages in one afternoon!!! Me and my crows feet are thankful. X"

We are glad she has managed to keep her sense of humour about the whole thing.