One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson and Niall Horan hit back at Jake Bugg comments via Twitter

Louis Tomlinson and Niall Horan have taken to Twitter to hit back at Jake Bugg’s critical comments on their band One Direction.

Niall Horan and Louis Tomlinson have hit back at Jake Bugg. Copyright [Wenn]

Louis, 21, and Niall, 19, aired their grievances with the 18-year-old singers thoughts on One Direction that he made in an interview with Shortlist magazine.

Niall was the first to make his thoughts known, taking a somewhat light hearted approach to the criticisms made by Bugg via Twitter.

He wrote: “Really buggs me that artists we're fans of ,flip on us in the press !”

Very clever Niall, very clever indeed.

Niall’s band mate Louis Tomlinson however was far less subtle in his approach, directly addressing the singer.

He posted: “Hi @JakeBugg do you think slagging off boy bands makes you more indie?”

Jake Bugg slammed One Direction earlier this week. Copyright [Wenn]

Jake previously told Shortlist: "People [call One Direction the new Beatles] because they broke America, but that don't mean a thing.

“I mean, [One Direction] must know that they're terrible.

"They must know ... calling them the new rock stars is a ridiculous statement. And people should stop making it."

And this is not the first time that Jake has slagged off the band.

He told Q magazine last year: "I don't care about the word 'pop'... sadly what's popular today is most manufactured and commercial and all about fame and looks and boy bands.

“It's not on. One Direction? The young girls will grow up and forget about 'em."

We’re getting the distinct impression that Jake isn’t a fan of the 1D boys.

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