One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson gives girl advice to Conor Maynard

One Direction hottie, Louis Tomlinson knows a thing or two about dealing with female attention on a global scale, which is no doubt why he dished out dating advice to Conor Maynard.

Heralded as the UK's answer to Justin Bieber, Conor Maynard has already been making waves in the music world and not just that, he's already broken a fair few hearts!

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We spoke to the singer at the Men In Black 3 premiere this week where we discovered the two buff Brits are actually friends.

Conor said: "I spent a day with Louis Tomlinson from One Direction he's such a cool guy!"

Conor MaynardConor Maynard spoke to omg! at the Men In Black 3 premiere. Copyright [WENN]

When faced with this news, we has to ask if they'd swapped any tips of dealing with women, to which the Girls hit maker replied pretty diplomatically:

"Louis is much further in his career than me but he did say make sure you enjoy it at all times if you're not enjoying then you've got to change something. I was like 'Alright, I will for you Louis.'"

But talking about girls isn't the only things the boys do together…Conor Maynard also revealed that he and Louis Tomlinson crashed an Aston Martin.

louis tomlinsonLouis Tomlinson is now BFFs with Conor Maynard. Copyright [WENN]

He told us: "Louis and I randomly went to an Aston Martin day and I was lucky enough to go and drive one.

"We had this little race at the end of the day and we almost crashed. Yes, we almost wrecked an Aston Martin."

Forget the girl advice, looks like these two need some driving tips and fast!