One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson has a cuddle with Baby Lux, our hearts melt

If there's anything cuter than One Direction generally, it's One Direction with Baby Lux.

Louis Tomlinson and Baby Lux.Louis Tomlinson and Baby Lux. Copyright [Splash]And it's been a while since we've been treated to a photo of the One Direction boys with Baby Lux. So when we saw this snap of Louis Tomlinson cuddling her, our hearts pretty much melted on the spot.

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And no we're not exaggerating. We're still 'awwwing' all over the place.

The One Direction boys were snapped leaving their New York hotel after a brief US trip where they were performing here there and everywhere.

Louis Tomlinson and Baby LuxLouis Tomlinson looked like a natural. Copyright [Splash]And Louis Tomlinson nabbed some last minute cuddles with little Baby Lux who looked utterly adorable.

Those bunches? Too cute.

Zayn Malik and Baby LuxZayn Malik and Baby Lux. Copyright [Twitter]And Louis looked to be an absolute natural as he carried Baby Lux out of the hotel. In fact, if we were his girlfriend Eleanor Calder, we'd be feeling seriously broody right now.

Heck, we're feeling seriously broody and Louis isn't even our boyfriend.

We've previously been treated to seriously adorable snaps of the other One Direction boys with Baby Lux, who's the daughter of 1D's makeup artist.

Harry Styles and Baby LuxHarry Styles and Baby Lux. Copyright [Twitter]In fact, we're now cooing over those as well. Harry Styles and Baby Lux were snapped playing on his laptop.

And Zayn Malik posed for some seriously cute cuddly pics too.

Altogether now. Awwww.