One Direction's Liam Payne CONFIRMS he's in a relationship with new girlfriend Sophia Smith - EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

One Direction's Liam Payne has EXCLUSIVELY confirmed to Yahoo! omg! that he has a new girlfriend - childhood friend Sophia Smith.

Liam Payne has confirmed to omg! that he's is dating high school sweetheart, Sophia Smith. Copyright [Splash]

One fifth of the biggest boyband on the planet was rumoured to have struck up a romance with his old school chum.

And yesterday during omg!'s interview for the band's new movie This Is Us, Liam confessed to us that he is indeed in a new relationship.

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In a 'who's the most likely to' game we asked the boys which of them is the flirtiest, to which Louis Tomlinson replied: "I'm not because I've got a girlfriend."

Liam then added: "Spoken for..."

omg!, who were a little surprised by his certainty (in our minds we were going WHAAAAT), asked: "You've got a girlfriend?"

Louis jumped in to offer Liam a 'save me' pass, asking him: "Were you speaking for me there?"

To which Liam then confirmed: "No, I was speaking for myself."

[Watch the LIVE STREAM of One Direction's This Is Us premiere HERE]

Leaving the interview room, we just so happened to bump into Liam on the way to the toilets where we asked him: "What's this about you having a new girlfriend, is that public knowledge?".

He said: "Yes, well it is now! It's new, she's sitting right over there *points to pretty brunette*. It's not been long."

So Sophia is such a good GIRLFRIEND of his that she is actually attending his work duties now - yep.

Sophia Smith went to school with Liam Payne.
The gorgeous brunette - yes we clocked her in person and she's super stunning - attended St. Peter’s Collegiate in Wolverhampton with Liam back in the days before the band were even a twinkle in X Factor's eye.

And according to the Mail Online the 1D singer is so smitten with his new girl that he jetted her across the Atlantic to see her when the band were performing in Los Angeles last week.

A source told the Sunday Mirror: "Liam has really fallen for her. It’s getting very serious, very fast." Apparently Liam likes the fact that she knew him before he was famous.

Liam broke up with long-term girlfriend Danielle Peazer back in May - and it's likely that the news will break many a heart of a Directioner.

Including ours. SOBS. CRIES. WAILS.

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