One Direction land back in UK after finishing US tour, happy to be home

One Direction have been in the US touring for what seems like AGES.

One Direction, harry stylesHarry Styles landed back in the UK this morning with the rest of the 1D boys. Copyright [Big]

But they finally arrived back home in the UK today after finishing their US tour.

The One Direction boys - that's Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne, Zayn Malik and Niall Horan, were pictured after coming off the night flight at Heathrow Airport this morning.

Zayn, who carried a skateboard with him, didn't look best pleased to be picture after coming off the red-eye flight.

Zayn Malik, One DirectionZayn Malik tried to hide behind his skateboard, didn't want to be pictured. Copyright [Big]

So much so that he attempted to cover his face behind the big pink and black board as he looked a bit like a moody teenager who'd been woken up.

But cutie Harry grinned for photographers as he walked through the airport in dark jeans, Converse and a smart coat.

Harry Syles, One DirectionHarry Styles grinned as he walked through the airport. Copyright [BIG]

And Liam Payne immediately tweeted to say they were back on home turf.

He posted: "Englanddddddd" and told a One Direction fan that he was "extremely" happy to be home to see his family and girlfriend.

Liam Payne, One DirectionLiam Payne tweeted that he was happy to be back home. Copyright [BIG]

Meanwhile cheeky Niall Horan, who also looked pleased to be back, revealed had been missing someone else whilst away.

He tweeted: "Cant wait t go home and watch jeremy kyle! #jezzayou'vebeenmissed"

Niall Horan, One DirectionNiall Horan said he'd missed Jeremy Kyle. Copyright [BIG]

And the lads took to Twitter to express their sadness and nostalgia to have come to the end of the American tour.

Harry posted: "Last show of the tour tonight... Thanks to an amazing crew, and everyone involved for making it what it was. Tonight will be fun.."

Louis said: "Guys it been an amazing tour. Wow thank you so much to everyone! We love you! X"