One Direction hit New York. Is that a The Wanted peace offering Niall Horan?

One Direction have touched down in New York - and by the looks of things Niall Horan is wearing one big peace offering to The Wanted across his chest.

1D's Zayn Malik and TW's Max George got themselves involved in the mother of all Twitter rows over the weekend.

And with the spat climaxing in them both shouting SEE YOU IN NEW YORK (for what we can only imagine would be some fisty cuffs action) we were quite relieved to see Niall wearing a big love heart across his chest as he landed at JFK airport.

Surely the cheeky Irish chappy's big pink love symbol with a cartoon moustache in the middle of it was worn to say WE DON'T REALLY MEAN IT LADS, LET'S ALL HAVE A CUP OF TEA TOGETHER.

Well that's what we hope, anyway. We don't want both bands to be either A) blown to smithereens by each other in some kind of James Bond style war or B) damaged beyond prettiness by some powerful upper cuts.

The row all kicked off at the weekend when Corrie star Michelle Keegan's ex Max George changed his profile picture to a snap of him and Usher.

We can't really see the problem with that but for some reason Zayn decided he was a GEEK for doing it and proceeded to call him that.

Handbags, girls.

An almighty row unfolded with Zayn going as far as whipping out an STD insult right at the end. Woah. He said:  "Alright chlamydia boy ;)"

One Direction and The Wanted's feud has always bubbled under the surface, with both bands struggling to say nice things about the other.

Max recently admitted that the two bands aren't exactly the best of friends.

And Louis Tomlinson got all honest recently to Now magazine, telling the guys: “If they want to create rivalry? Then let’s do it.”

"I want to speak openly about this because it's quite frustrating."

Watch this space, we say.