Harry Styles talks Caroline Flack: ‘Things are fine’

Harry Styles has opened up about his split from Caroline Flack saying 'things are fine' between the pair and they still see each other occasionally.

Haz and Caz are just 'fine' according to Harry! Copyright: [wenn]

Speaking to Fabulous magazine, Harry revealed that the pair are still mates and he even saw her a couple of weeks ago.

"We still have a lot of the same friends and I saw her a couple of weeks ago at someone's birthday. We're fine. There seems to be the idea that every time we meet we argue, but we don't."

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And considering the age gap between the two, does Harry prefer a cougar? Well, he reckons it's all just one big coincidence!

"I think it's just been a coincidence. I don't necessarily just look at women who are older, I like girls my own age as well! I don't base things on age, it totally depends on the person!"

So basically, he just likes girls, end of.

The Directioners were very protective of Harry when it came to Caroline. Copyright: [wenn]

Harry also talked about the Directioners and how difficult they can make things for anyone who wants to date one of the boys.

For example, famously one One Direction fanzine printed a Caroline Flack voodoo doll.


However, Harry says as much as some fans get carried away, most are incredibly supportive:

"The fans can make life very difficult for anyone you're linked to — they're very protective. I think some people can get carried away, but then there are plenty of others who are supportive"