One Direction’s Harry Styles says he wants crotchless tights, Twitter goes crazy

We do love a good prank call, and even more so when it involves Harry Styles talking about wanting crotchless tights.

Harry Styles, One Direction, Nick Grimshaw, crotchless tightsHarry Styles prank called his stylist to tell her he wanted to start wearing crotchless tights. Copyright [WEN …

Harry Styles appeared on Nick Grimshaw's Radio 1 show last night for the Call or Delete section where the One Direction singer was forced to prank call his stylist.

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Harry Styles agreed with Nick Grimshaw that he'd call his stylist and tell her that he wants to start wearing tights underneath his jeans.

Harry Styles, One Direction, Nick Grimshaw, crotchless tightsHarry Styles was on Nick Grimshaw's radio show when he was challenged to prank call his stylist. Copyright [WE …When his stylist answered the phone, Harry said: "I was reading a magazine today, and I saw this big article in the back, and it was talking about men wearing tights. And I was just wondering, because, basically it just feels really comfortable, so I've been putting them on under my jeans.

"So I'm just wondering if you could get me some good ones. Like, some crotchless ones. Just because I've been stealing my sister's."

Harry Styles, One Direction, crotchless tightsHarry Styles with the rest of One Direction last week. Copyright [WENN]Cue us crying actual tears of laughter. But the One Direction star didn't stop there.

Harry Styles continued to say: "The thing is, I'm not sure if I'm ready to bring them out. Maybe I should just keep them under my trousers for a bit. Do you think they do like, gold ones?"

Before long, Twitter was sent into a frenzy with the hashtag "#Harrywearcrotchlesstightswithgoldenthong" quickly trending worldwide.

Now that is a sight we would LOVE to see.