One Direction’s Harry Styles is omg!’s Friday Fittie… his fans tell us why they love him

Harry Styles may never live down that 'comment' to Matt Cardle when he won 'X Factor' but he'll also never live down the fact he's one of the hottest men in pop. And it appears his fans agree with omg! as the One Direction singer has been voted today's Friday Fittie…

Harry Styles

Sticking to omg!'s weekly routine, we ask our Twitter followers to vote for their fave male celebrity, the hottie with the most votes wins.*SIMPLES*

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[See also: One Direction photos]

To congratulate the winner's fans we share the reasons why that certain famous fella is so fantastic and share lots of pics. Here are YOUR reasons why Harry hits the spot…

1.    @LittleOliviaM can't quite decide what it is about Harry's looks… tweeting: 'I love harry styles hair and eyes.'

2.    Some people kiss a picture of the celeb they love before going to bed, (or is that just us at omg!?) @thelittlemonsta  does things differently: a pic of Harry watches her as she sleeps! She tweeted us a pic of a framed photo next to her bed: ''

harry stylesLiving in a box: SURPRISE! Harry Styles made it as omg!'s Friday Fittie / WEN

3.    @demimayxo told us it was a trio of Harry tricks that it for her… 'I think he's really genuine and lovely. Plus I love his voice, hehe!'

4.    And some of you have got it baaaad for the One Direction hottie, @Jenefhur said: 'I'm really annoyed by myself... I can't get over Harry Styles he's just way to cute... This is going to be a long phase.'

5.     And it's not just us British babes who adore Harry Styles the international fans see the hotness too! @International1D tweeted: 'Dear Harry Styles: I love your smile, your hair, your eyes, your weirdly long torso, your deep voice, and your endearingly random jokes.'

Don't agree? No worries get to omg!'s Twitter page next Friday and vote for your celebrity fittie.