One Direction’s Harry Styles loves Mexican food, we stock up on tacos

We thought we knew everything there was to know about One Direction - however, we've now found out a handy piece of information about Harry Styles.

Apparently, Harry Styles' favourite food is Mexican - something which has made us want to run out and buy a load of tacos in preparation for our date with the One Direction hottie. Ahem.

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It was Harry Styles' mum who revealed the information, therefore we know it's definitely true.

She said: "Harry used to love M&Ms. They were his favourite. But now he wants to be fit and healthy.

One Direction once dressed up as Mexicans, and renamed themselves Juan Direction / WENN"When he cooks, he likes to make stir-frys. He also loves Mexican food — to get on the right side of Harry, give him a taco."

We'd happily give him a taco *giggles*

We like the thought of Harry Styles cooking as well - we reckon he'd whip up a mean stir fry.

Harry Styles with the rest of One Direction / WENNThe One Direction boys have been lying low since their return from the tour of the world, where they managed to achieve a US number one album, AND even hug koalas in Australia.

However, the 1D boys look set to be back to work soon, with their video for More Than This being unveiled yesterday.