One Direction’s Harry Styles loves getting naked

Now, you may need to be sitting down for this, because it might leave you flustered. One Direction cutie Harry Styles has revealed that he loves being naked. See, we warned you.

The singer admitted that he finds nakedness 'very liberating' in the boys' new book, 'Dare to Dream: Life as One Direction.' What's more, the cheeky chap went on to reveal that he spent a lot of time naked in the X Factor house last year - even when the other contestants were around.

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"It's always a spur-of-the-moment thing, but no-one seemed to mind. I think Mary (Byrne) secretly liked it."

Was Tesco Mary really the woman he most wanted to impress?!

Harry went on to say that his strip teases were down to a growth in cofidence: "I'd become a lot more confident during my time in the show through being in front of so many people, and my confidence came out in my nakedness."

But just how much of his body did he show off to his fellow contestants?

"Sometimes I was totally starkers and sometimes I wore a thong. My friend Nick bought me a gold snake-print thong for my birthday and I took it into the house with me because I thought it'd be funny. Then I started wearing it."

We're not entirely sure how to take that revelation. What an image...