One Direction’s Harry Styles admits to texting Taylor Swift – shall we get our hat?

One Direction's Harry Styles has been linked to numerous ladies firstly it was Caroline Flack and now, as his fame has gone global so has he rumoured romances…

The man with the big hair, aka Harry Styles has admitted to texting American sweetheart, Taylor Swift.

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In an interview with the Herald Sun in Australia harry was asked there was any truth in the rumours that he's been texting the country singer.

After a painfully long pause, Harry said: "Erm, we met in America and she's very nice, yeah."

We'll take that as a 'yes' then. Well, he didn't deny it.

Naturally any time with the One Direction guys has to be centred around their love lives (we need to know if we have a chance)!

Harry Styles is with his band mates in Melbourne /WENN

Zayn Malik stepped in to defend the One Direction boy's way with women… "We're normal guys, if we find a girl attractive, if you meet a girl you meet a girl then you exchange numbers then whatever."

But that's not what really happens is it? It was revealed Harry was turned down by a 25-year-old reporter, Ellie Halliwell.

But they didn't do the 'normal' thing of swapping numbers. The curly-haired cutie got one of his people to ask for her digits.

Harry defended himself in the interview for being a lover of older women saying: "I like an older woman sometimes, lets move on shall we."

Oooh we think that hit a raw nerve there.