One Direction: Gotta Be You video has landed

One Direction looked like the perfect advert for Gap summerwear in their debut video.

And now the lads have mastered the Autumnal model look in their latest video 'Gotta Be You'.

The four-minute promotional clip to accompany their second single sees the lad bundle up for winter in snoods, shirts, knits and double breasted wool coats on the vid which was shot at Lake Placid in New York.

The One Direction Gotta Be You vid sees the boys in snoods and knits

And it's not just their clothes that couldn't be more different to the 'What Makes You Beautiful' vid, the lads have gone all serious for this one.

Liam looks all sad/serious in the 4-minute clip

In contrast to bouncing around outside their camper van in Video 1, this one opens with a very glum looking Liam in what looks like his uni bedroom.

It then sees the rest of the lads adopt similarly ponderous poses, before they finally chirp up at the end when the girls turn up.

Zayn finds himself on a train - also looking anxious

Niall strums his guitar - and strikes a serious pose

Watch the new One Direction: Gotta Be You video here