One Direction fans slam the paparazzi after they call Zayn Malik ‘a p***’

One Direction singer Zayn Malik has reportedly been the victim of a racist slur at the hands of the paparazzi according to their fans.

Zayn was called the racist slur after touching down at LAX airport. [Wenn]

The boys arrived in LAX airport this week when a paparazzo allegedly called Zayn a 'p***'.

Fan twitter account @1Dnews tweeted: "Paparazzi were so rude at LAX last night. Calling zayn a "p***" is not right at all."

'Stalker Sarah', a celebrity super fan known for having pictures taken with an array of famous faces, also posted about the 'aggressive' nature of the paps.

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She tweeted: "LAX was crawling with out of town paps tonight. Those guys were way too aggressive and pushy."

The bands' bodyguard Paul Higgins then confronted the offending pap, leading to other members of the boys entourage having to restrain him.

A video of the racial abuse was apparently caught on video camera but is yet to emerge on the internet.

The boys team of minders tried their best to escort Zayn away. [Wenn]

Another video of the aftermath that followed the altercation between the boys' bodyguard and the pap has however been released.

The angry pap calls the Irish bodyguard 'pikey boy' and later brands him a 'mother******'.

It seems that this pap has no qualms with using all manner of offensive terms.

You can watch the video here.

One Direction are currently on a promotions tour ahead of the release of their second album 'Take Me Home' which is out Monday.