One Direction dress up as sailors for Kiss You vid, we swoon and giggle all at the same time

One Direction are super cute boys, right? And what is one surefire way to make cute boys look even cuter? Well, dress them up, of course!

So we were always blatantly going to love a bit of One Direction dressed up as sailors, weren't we?

The boys don the costumes in this new, super exciting, clip ahead of the release of the new video for Kiss You in five days time.

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Feel free to pencil the date in your diary now.

Appaz, almost like some sort of One D audio-visual advent calander, there will be one a day until the big release, so after all that hanging around we are expecting good things.

And if this sneak peek if anything to go by (and seeing as that is kind of the point, we are hedging our bets it is) then we reckon we are in for a treat.

There are lots of things we love about it - firstly, Zayn Malik.

Oh and Louis Tomlinson.

Not forgetting Niall Horan.

Oh and Harry Styles and Liam Payne too, obvs.

Hey - if One Direction are in it, then we are hardly going to NOT like it, are we?!

Now all we have to do is wait until tomorrow for some more sailor clad One D antics... almost makes us want to run off and join the Navy.