One Direction debut Kiss You video, bust some HILARIOUS moves

If ever we needed proof of why we love One Direction, their new video is it.

One Direction go retro One Direction are inspired by classic films and bands from the fifties and sixties for new video Kiss You

One Direction have unveiled the video for their new single, Kiss You and in between the funny outfits, messing around, and HILARIOUS dance moves, it's probably the happiest three minutes you'll ever see.

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And we're not exaggerating. The One Direction dancing is seriously amazing. Not only do the boys do a nice bit of proper choreographed boyband grooving in the jail section of the video, but they also act out a lot of the lyrics (Harry Styles acting out 'baby' and Louis Tomlinson acting out 'home' are particular favourites of ours.)

Other highlights include Harry tickling Zayn, their brilliant fake driving, the Mexican wave thing they do, Harry Styles covering up his extra nipples and the part where they have their tops off, for obvious reasons.

One Direction have said this video was their favourite to shoot.It seems that the One Direction boys had a lot of fun filming the Kiss You video, with Niall Horan saying it was the best video shoot they've had.

He tweeted: "it was soo much fun to make , the best one yet! Let's see can we beat the 24 hour record for most views."

Kiss You is the third single from One Direction's album Take Me Home and we literally cannot wait to see them performing it on their new tour. Here's hoping they take their tops off for that as well.