OMG! Robbie Williams punches unsuspecting OAP in the face

Robbie Williams has been snapped punching an innocent old lady square in the face.

She didn't even see it coming! Copyright: [rex]

That's not very nice, is it Robbie?

Luckily, it's only on the set of his new video!

Unless, for a moment you believed that old Mr Williams has actually taking a rather strong dislike to that poor old lady!

Perhaps she said she liked Gary Barlow the best? Copyright: [rex]

Robbie is filming the video for his new single, Vertigo, in which we're not sure why, but Rob manages to find himself in a bit of a scrap with this unsuspecting OAP - as you do.

Perhaps she said she preferred Gary Barlow?

Also featured in the new vid is ex Skins actress Kaya Scoledario.

Obvs, she was super excited to be part of Rob's vid tweeting yesterday:

'Having a great day in spitafields market filming with @robbiewilliams for his new music video!'

Kaya was also seen on set. Copyright: [rex]

And Kaya certainly looked chuffed to be on set with Rob and was snapped having a massive laugh in between takes.

She was also snapped having a cheeky cigarette break, don't you know those are bad for you Kaya?!

Meanwhile, Robbie's wife Ayda Field must be just about ready to pop as she reaches the final part of her pregnancy.

Although Ayda is due to give birth any day now, she still managed to make it to set to visit her hubby.

She reportedly flew over from LA accompanied by a full medial team just in case!

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Better safe than sorry we suppose.

The couple are believed to be planning to live in Britain permanently once the baby has arrived.

A source told The Mirror:

"Robbie has always planned for his baby to be born in Britain, it's really important to him. He moved to America to enjoy the lifestyle, anonymity and climate but his heart still belongs in the UK.

"He wants his parents around during their grandchild's early months and can't wait to enjoy a proper family Christmas."

Aww, any day now!