EXCLUSIVE: Rochelle Wiseman and Marvin Humes 'pre-wedding venues revealed

Rochelle Wiseman and Marvin Humes are 100 million per cent getting hitched today.

We know because OMG! is literally sitting outside The Feathers Hotel in Woodstock, Oxfordshire where the groom Marvin is getting ready while Rochelle does the same at The Hope Hotel down the road.

This is where Marv and Rochelle are getting ready! Copyright: [wenn/The Feathers Hotel]

Right now, as we speak!



Yes, our spy has already informed us of all the juicy details, including the groom's cars one of which is quite modern and has a white ribbon on it. The other is a cream, vintage convertible.

Although Marvin's journey from his hotel to the ceremony may not be a smooth ride!

When the convertible was tested earlier, it wouldn't start, making for a cringe moment for the driver, who appeared to be in the bridal party.

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The location was meant to be kept a huge secret (sorry Rochelle) and staff outside are being careful to keep quiet about the famous guests inside.

So much so that they have closed off the entire hotel to the public, which left some ladies very angry when they couldn't get in for lunch.

However, we have already spotted Olly Murs sneaking in with what looks like a wedding suit in a cover under his arm!

Olly Murs arrives! Copyright: [omg!]

There are also loads of photographers about, hoping to get the first snap of the bride as she leaves the hotel.

However, little do they know she is down the road staying at The Hope Hotel to make sure Marvin doesn't catch a glimpse of her before they she walks up the aisle.

The Saturdays are also believed to be staying there.

A typical room at The Hope. Copyright: [The Hope Hotel]

And for more proof that preparations are under way, omg! can report that there are lots of women leaving the hotel with rollers in their hair.

A few very glam looking women in gorgeous dresses have also popped outside, we suspect these ladies could be Marvin's mum and aunties.

The hotel looks super cute and boutiquey, and because we are nosy we looked up how much you would need to spend to see it for yourself.

The Honeymoon Suite costs £319 per night, which by celeb standards is pretty darn reasonable. However, when you rent out the whole place we expect it adds up a bit more.

It's believed this hotel is where Mollie and Frankie were tweeting from last night.

At this point Rochelle is a Wiseman as the wedding car is yet to pull away for Blenheim. Here's hoping we get a snap of her before she leaves.

More to follow!