omg! EXCLUSIVE: What One Direction want in a girl

Anyone out there fancy One Direction? Yes, we thought so.

If you fancy your chances with one of the five fitties you're in luck as omg! met them and can exclusively reveal the verdict of their flirting styles AND what they want in a girlfriend. *OOOH*

One DirectionFive hotties: omg! reveals One Direction's flirting styles and how you can wow them

Without wasting a second of our time with One Direction we went in for the kill and asked them what girls they went for *PRAYING THEY DESCRIBE US*

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Louis: "We're all really different. Liam likes the girl our song, 'What Makes You Beautiful'.

Harry: "Louis and I like the same girls -  we both like girls who like loads of banter and who are quite confident."

Louis: " I don't go for girls who have the attitude of, 'Look at me, I'm hot!' I like bags of confidence."

This sparks a flurry of debate amongst the boys and omg! struggle to contain the conversation and their racing heart! *SORRY WE GOT DISTRACTED*

One DirectionSwoon alert: One Direction are omg!'s #1 crush - we love 'em

Now we know how to win over Harry, Louis and Liam, we wanted to find out who would get their flirt on if we ever did get the guts to try it on…

omg!: "Whose the most flirtatious from the band?"

Louis: "You already know the answer to the question, as an outsider what you reckon?"

omg!: "Do I? You're each good at working different things."

Louis: "Too Diplomatic! You're the most flirtatious person in the room. *CUE omg! FACE*

Harry has the most luck with the ladies, if he likes a girl he'll look over and then two minutes later be over there chatting to her." *SWOON*

One DirectionBeautiful boys: We're wishing One Direction lots of luck with their debut single

One Direction's flirting styles revealed


The fringe-haired fittie likes to dominate the conversation, but likes to tease girls too. He'll give good eye contact then start up some banter. Just remember to give as good as you get, be cheeky and give his stories all the attention you can — the boy can talk!

With model features Zayn likes to play things cool, when we met him he chilled in his chair with his feet on the table. He wasn't rude or arrogant but gave off an air of aloofness. This only made us melt more. With Zayn you need to play things equally cool.

One Direction told omg! Harry has the most luck with the ladies, so he knows he doesn't have to try hard to impress. With Harry, eye contact is key and dare we say even playing a few games — he needs to be kept on his toes. Try flirting with other boys while he's there.

The most sensitive of the group is Liam, who likes girls who are modest and shy. Liam is no push over though, he knows what he wants. To secure this man you should let him make the move, don't be over confident, just be yourself, Liam is a lover of natural girls.

By far the most excitable of the group, Niall has endless energy, you'll need to impress him with your quick wit and definitively throw in some jokes. You should live in the moment so prepare to take him by surprise and make the first move.