Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte (Ryan Gosling lookalike) is our new sporting crush

We've been rather getting into this Olympics malarkey here at omg! HQ.

Ryan Lochte, OlympicsRyan Lochte has caught our eye. Copyright [PA]

And in the midst of whooping and cheering for Team GB as we watched them bring home TWO shiny gold medals today, we've been spending a lot of time ogling too (well can you blame us).

Team omg! headed down to the Aquatics centre yesterday and there were an awful lot of six-packs and totty on show there.

But one particular swimmer who caught our eye was United States hunk Ryan Lochte.

The hottie - who we reckon looks a bit like movie star Ryan Gosling - has already clocked up three medals at the London Olympics (two golds and one silver).

The two Ryans are really rather hot. Copyright [PA]

And although we didn't spot it at first - well who looks good in one of those lycra caps - the minute he whipped off his hat we were pretty smitten.

Ryan Lochte has a bit of Ryan Gosling about him. Copyright [PA]

Beside the fact he's an Olympic swimmer - and a pretty good one at that (he even beat legend Michael Phelps in one race) - there's something about his twinkly smile that has got us hook, line and sinker.

So to summarise that's hot body, cute face and sparkly blue eyes - winning combination all round.

EXCEPT that is for his choice of accessory for his teeth.

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The American star has made a name for his gnashers, by wearing an American-flag themed grill in his mouth.

He once said of the denture decoration: "For those who don't know what a grill is, it's basically a retainer filled with diamonds. I wear it when I go on the podium. It's just a unique way of showing personality out to everyone."

We think it looks a bit blingy and yuck, quite frankly. But we're not going to strip him of his hottie gold medal just yet...

We're not too keen on Ryan Lochte's bling grill though. Copyright [PA]