Olympic fittie Ryan Lochte *laps* up the female attention

It wasn't long before Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte had registered on our hot athlete wallchart.

Ryan Lochte, OlympicsRyan Lochte gets some welcome female attention in the back of a cab. Copyright [Rex]

And by the looks of things, we're not the only girls to reckon the American star is a bit of all right.

Fittie Ryan Lochte was all-but accosted by a load of girls as he left a London nightclub last night.

And we couldn't resist an Olympic-style pun as we noted that he was rather *LAPPING* up the attention he was getting in the back seat of a taxi.

Ryan Lochte, OlympicsRyan Lochte's mum said he's a fan of one-night stands. Copyright [Rex]

Ryan Lochte, OlympicsRyan Lochte partied at China Whites last night. Copyright [Rex]

Lochte's mum embarrassed the Olympic medalists this week by saying he's a fan of one-night stands.

She said of the 27-year-old cutie: "He goes out on one-night stands".

What she was REALLY saying, argued the Ryan Gosling lookalike afterwards, was that he doesn't have time for proper relationships.

Hmmm. Sounds like his mum dropped him in it there.

Copyright [Rex]

Meanwhile, just as we were dreaming what it would be like to be Mrs Lochte, the sportsman admitted a rather yuck fact about himself.

Asked by Ryan Seacrest if he's ever had a cheeky wee in the pool he said: "Of course, we always do".

He added: "Not during the races, but I sure did before in warm-up. There's something about getting into chlorine water that you just automatically go."

And although he's got British women swooning by taking to the pool here in London, Ryan's got his eye on an American girl by the sounds of things.

Asked by Piers Morgan which woman he'd take to a desert island, he revealed his crush on Gossip Girl star Blake Lively.

He said: "Right now Blake Lively. She is gorgeous."