Olly Murs wants a girlfriend to take home to his family, can we volunteer ourselves?

Olly Murs reckons all he wants is a girlfriend that he can take home to his Ma and Pa in Essex.

Olly is probably one of our fave celeb men... FACT! Copyright: [Twitter]

The X Factor star says: "I want to find a girl who my family would like. You're not going to find that at a showbiz event."

Good point...

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Hang on a minute, we go to showbiz events! *sobs*

Olly, 28, also reckons that some of the attention he receives from girls wouldn't come his way if he weren't famous.

Did we ever mention that we proper love Olly?! Copyright: [rex]

He told Live magazine: "Look, I'll be sitting in a bar and a really hot girl with a perfect body and long brown or blonde hair will come up to me. Stunning."

"But I know damn well that four years ago she'd have never have looked at me."

Hmmm, we're not so sure.

He said: "I've had girlfriends these past few years but no-one got to find out who they were, and they were never girls who wanted the attention."

Well, his current one certainly doesn't, we have no idea who she even is! In fact, in the words of the great Nikki Graeme, just WHO is SHE?

While The Xtra Factor presenter is absolutely off the market, loved up, smitten and all those other things that annoying smug couples are, we still don't know who his lady friend is.

However, whoever, she is we reckon she might just be the luckiest lady in all the land as Olly is almost definitely one of our fave celeb men.

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