Olly Murs reveals Top 5 date tips (definitely not for Caroline Flack)

Hearts broke across the nation this weekend when it was revealed that after years of being single, Olly Murs had finally found himself a girlfriend.

Olly Murs isn't dating Caroline Flack. We're not convinced. Copyright [Wenn]

The identity of the lucky lady in question is still under wraps, but Olly did confirm on today's Daybreak that she wasn't his Xtra Factor co-host Caroline Flack.

He said: "We've developed a great friendship and we get on so, so well…We're great mates and she's a great girl and she's very attractive as well but we're so good friends, it's hard to describe."

Well we're glad you cleared that one up in such a succinct manner Olly.

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After years of experience on the singles market, Olly has now shared his top five tips for dating on the Official Top 40 Appcast.

So are the cardinal rules of dating, according to Mr Olly Murs:

1. "Make sure you organise your time efficiently. If you are not five minutes early, you are five minutes too late- make sure you get to her five minutes early."

2. "When she opens the door and says hello, the first thing you say is 'Wow, you look amazing tonight'."

3. "Be a gentleman, open the door, let her in the car. When you get to the restaurant, open the door- let her get out. When you sit down at the table make sure she sits down before you sit down."

4. "When you are sat there eating your dinner with this lady that you really, really like- don't e a clown. Don't be an idiot, don't try and be a jack the lad just be yourself. But don't mention ex girlfriends on first dates- not cool."

5. "You need to take your time, give her a nice kiss at the end of the night and make her want you more."

All great advice but surely dating tends to be a lot easier if you're Olly Murs.

Well apparently not.

Olly Murs has shared his top dating tips. Copyright [Wenn]

In a recent interview with more! magazine, the singer admitted that he finds dating difficult because of his busy schedule.

He said: "I've thought about dating someone famous because they'd understand how busy I am. Even then it'd be hard because I'm never in one place for long.

"I need a girlfriend who lives locally or I'd never see them. They can move to Essex — there's loads of room in my house!"

Well you have one now Olly who isn't Caroline Flack.

Although we're still not quite convinced.

You can listen to the full Official Top 40 Appcast here:


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