Olly Murs has a new girlfriend, jel doesn’t even come close

Olly Murs officially has a new girlfriend.

Thumbs up if you're loved up! Copyright: [wenn]

Yep, The Xtra Factor presenter is absolutely off the market, loved up, smitten and all those other things that annoying smug couples are.

Olly says: "I've been on a few recent dates, yes. It's all early days!"

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"I only just had a day off for the first time in four weeks yesterday, so that says it all. I am trying to keep that going."

Clearly, he still hasn't come to his senses and realised that we are the ones for him yet.

Did we ever mention that we proper love Olly?! Copyright: [rex]

But we know that's only a matter of time.

For now, he is dating a mystery lady! And Olly says he intends to keep it that way:

"I'm very good at keeping things under wraps. I've not been a nun! But I keep that side of my life very quiet. When I finish my work I go home to Essex and get on with my life."

And finally, he has somewhere to take his lady back to after having just moved out of his Ma and Pa's house!

He told new! magazine: "I moved out of my parents' house in April this year after buying somewhere last September."

Ok, suddenly starting to understand why he might have been single for so long...

"I like to think I'm domesticated and more mature now. I just wish I'd been able to spend more time at my house but I've been so busy."

And it looks like things could get a whole lot more busy as Olly is set to top the charts in a few hours with his single, Troublemaker.