Olly Murs beats Girls Aloud to this week’s number one single, gets all embarrassed on the Xtra Factor

Last night Olly Murs was crowned victorious over Girls Aloud in the battle for this week's UK number one single.

'Thanks guys but can I please get on with my job?' Copyright [Rex]

Congratulations Olly and commiserations girls.

Olly's single 'Troublemaker' featuring Flo Rida marks his fourth UK number one single following 'Please Don't Let Me Go', 'Hear Skips a Beat' and 'Dance with Me Tonight'.

Not too shabby for an X Factor runner up eh?

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Following his impressive victory, viewers of the Xtra Factor were quick to congratulate the singer come presenter.

During the weekly judges Q&A session, callers couldn't help but say well done to Olly- something the host clearly found a touch embarrassing.

Graciously thanking the first caller who sent their congratulations, Olly's face became a darker shade of red after each subsequent caller took the time to say well done.


Guess what number Olly got to last night? Copyright [Wenn]

Later that night, Olly Murs took to Twitter to reveal how he was celebrating his number one.

He wrote: "Couple of digestive biscuits, twix, a cup of tea & MOTD2 recorded!! This is how I celebrate a number 1 haha so rock n roll!!"

Well we can see why he chose not to go out and celebrate.

Round two of Girls Aloud Vs. Olly Murs starts today with both acts releasing their latest albums.

Girls Aloud have released their greatest his collection 'Ten' while Olly has released album number three 'Right Place, Right Time'.

Seconds out, *ding ding*