Olivia Palermo launches fashion blog *CUE SQUEALS FROM TEAM omg!*

Olivia Palermo certainly knows how to dress and now she's sharing her fashion know-how with the rest of us.

The reality-TV-star-turned-fashionista launched her first ever fashion blog, oliviapalermo.com yesterday and wow are we excited. *SQUEALS*

Olivia PalmeroStyle icon: Olivia is sharing her style tips with us all on her new blog / PA

Olivia welcomed readers in her first post, promising tales of trips to 'Paris and London, seeing how the locals live, shop and dress.' *ERM, most of us British ladies have London covered*

The team of 15 writers and editorial staff will also help transform us all into Olivia-esque clothes horses, by 'turning jeans and a tee into a red-carpet worthy look on a daily basis.'

Olivia Palmero blogStyle site: Olivia's new blog has had mixed reviews

Also on the site there are travel tips, behind-the-scenes fashion gossip and much more.

Some fashion press have slammed the new site already but omg! are big fans we just wish she'd inject some colour into the site's design.

But it's the fashion and Olivia fans that matter and they seem suitably impressed.

Gwyneth Paltrow's blog has also received criticism but if Olivia can learn anything from Gwynnie, it's to ignore the negative and keep ambitious.