Oh look it’s Imogen Thomas’s boobs on Twitter

When we upload Twitpics they are mainly of cups of tea and biscuits.

Imogen ThomasImogen Thomas posted this Twitpic for her followers. Copyright [Twitter/Imogen Thomas]

So we spat out our cereal when we saw the latest picture posted on Twitter by Imogen Thomas.

The Welsh reality star gave her followers a nice weekend treat by uploading a picture of herself TOPLESS on the social networking site.

Big Brother star Imogen posted the snap of her boobs yesterday with the caption "Have a lovely weekend all my lovelies xx"

The pic sees her gazing at the camera seductively as she covers up her left boob with her right hand to make sure there were no nipple slip moments.

The 29-year-old looks super sexy with her brunette hair in long waves - wearing nothing but some deep red nail polish.

Imogen Thomas has become rather a pro at giving her followers a treat on Twitter with her twipics.

The brunette took to the social networking site recently to post a load of sexy pics of herself in a bikini in the Italian Lakes.

Imogen Thomas treated her followers to this Twitpic in the Italian Lakes. Copyright [Twitter/Imogen Thomas]

Just last week she came under fire from Frenemie Nicola McLean who accused her of attention seeking on Twitter.

Imogen hit back saying that the Celebrity Big Brother star was nothing but a bully.

Imogen tweeted: "I actually think this Nicola Mclean woman is obsessed with me. U are one BIG BULLY. Pls grow up and leave me alone. Sad little troll.

"2day im so ill in bed. Seeing another celebrity put me down is utterly uneccessary and disgraceful. PPL like her push u over the edge. BULLY"

Just minutes earlier Nicola McLean had posted a picture of an article on Imogen Thomas in a magazine with the headline: "How to cope with attention seekers"

She posted: "Lol #thatisall