NTAs 2013: McFly’s Tom Fletcher loses his WEDDING RING in all the excitement!

Tom Fletcher from McFly nearly had some explaining to do this morning after he thought he had lost his WEDDING RING at the NTAs!

Tom was very nearly in LOTS of trouble! Copyright: [rex]

McFly were at last night's TV awards bash to present the Best Reality Show and were looking absolutely gorgeous as ever in matching suits.....even though we are starting to question whether they will still be wearing matching clothes when they are 90.

McFly looking fit as per. Copyright: [rex]

Anyway, so there they were looking fit backstage all ready to present the award when Tom discovered he was missing something...

Er, only his blimmin' wedding ring!

He quickly took to Twitter to form a search party, posting: "At the NTAs and have discovered that my wedding ring is not on my finger……er?!?!"

Still no luck and four hours later he posted another plea, saying: "Dearest people at the NTAs at the O2, please keep a lookout for my wedding ring! I’d really like it back! :(" Now, at this point, we imagine his wife Giovanna Falcone caught wind of what was going on and after a quick search it turned out that Tom had left the ring at home!

Posting a snap on Twitter, Giovanna wrote: "You’re very lucky @tommcfly… You won’t be forced to sleep out in the snow tonight."

Eek! Talk about a close shave!

Tom then tweeted his relief and solution to make sure it never happens again (!):

An emotional Tom Fletcher serenades his new wife McFly's Tom Fletcher sings his wedding speech to his bride Giovanna Falcone