NTAs 2014: Joey Essex LOSES his National TV Award, wakes up with an emply box

He's not the first, and he probably won't be the last, but it doesn't make it any less awkward.

Poor Joey Essex is receiving a fair amount of mocking this morning after losing his National TV Award just hours after receiving it.

Joey Essex tweeted this picture of himself with an empty NTAs box after losing his award within hours of receiving …

Tweeting a picture of himself in bed this morning with an empty NTAs 2014 box, Joey admitted he had misplaced the trophy following his raucous celebratory night out after I'm A Celebrity won Best Entertainment Programme.

He tweeted: "OMG lost the award ! .. great night @OfficialNTAs but gutted I lost it, please contact if you find it ! [sic]"

Massive, massive fail.

But, as we said above, poor Joey isn't the first to make the unforgivable error of parading his trophy around *cough*, only to lose it at an after party.

Amy Winehouse left her Q Award in the toilet of a bar in 2007, while Jennifer Lawrence reckons she doesn't know where her Oscar is, like, at all.

Fearne Cotton and Holly Willoughby looked nervous as the NTAs began. Copyright [Instagram]
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Thu, Jan 23, 2014 10:00 GMT