Nicole Scherzinger: The X Factor UK is more fun

She was unceremoniously dropped from the US X Factor earlier this year but now it seems that Nicole Scherzinger is having the last laugh- dubbing our version of the show as a whole lot more fun to work on.

Nicole Scherzinger told Scot Mills that the UK X Factor is much more fun than the US. [Copyright Wenn]

Talking to Scott Mills on his Radio One show yesterday, Nicole explained the difference between judging the UK version to the US.

She told Scott: "I think it's more fun over here, there's a lot more characters, the talent is really raw and home grown"

"It's beautiful the talent over here, I'm REALLY impressed. I'm blown away."

Aw cheers Nic!

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Nicole was originally drafted in by producers as a guest judge alongside the likes of Rita Ora, Mel B and Geri Halliwell but impressed them so much that she landed a full time position on her first day.

Nicole explained: "I originally came on to Guest Judge one show in London and then the first day I was there they asked me to stay permanently."

Talking about Mel B's controversial stint on the panel, Nicole had nothing but praise for the Spice Girl, likening her style of judging to the world's most formidable talent show judge.

"She was ruthless I loved it! She gave Simon Cowell a run for his money!"

Praise indeed.

Nicole says that she is getting on with everyone on the panel. [Copyright Wenn]

And how about her fellow judges? Well, it seems that they are all getting on like a house on fire.

"I love all the other Judges, I do, I get along really well with them….I'd never met Tulisa but she's such a cool chick."

Hmm by 'met' do you think she meant 'heard of'?

Joking aside, it's good to hear that everyone is getting along famously…for now at least.