Nicole Scherzinger: I used a whip to get Jahmene Douglas and James Arthur working hard on the X Factor

X Factor judge Nicole Scherzinger has revealed the secret to getting the most out of her acts.

The secret to Nicole's success? Use a whip. Eek! Copyright [Rex]

And it sounds rather painful.

Talking to omg! today at the X Factor press conference in Manchester, the judge joked that she uses a  method to get the best out of her acts that wouldn't be out of place from a chapter in Fifty Shades of Grey.

She told us: "The boys have worked so hard, and secretly I have a whip so I hit them."

And we thought she was the nice judge.

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She continued: "No, I think that I have been really blessed to be able to work with such brilliant talent.

"For me it was my job to protect them and to build them up with whatever tools that they needed to do their thing because they were born with it. So I just wanted to make sure I did that."

Nicole is looking forward to duetting with James and Jahmene. Copyright [Rex]

This weekend will also see Nicole take to the stage to perform not once but twice.

The judge will be duetting with James and Jahmene, while Gary Barlow will be performing alongside his last remaining act Christopher Maloney.

Although Nicole Scherzinger is looking forward to performing with the boys she revealed that she is a tad intimidated by them.

She admitted: "I would always say I'm an artist first before a judge so I actually feel more at home on stage than behind that table. BUT having worked with the boys this week it's a little intimidating.

"I thought I was pretty good as I've been doing this for quite some time but they are just brilliant these boys.

"They make it look so easy. It's a real honour to be able to [sing with them]. I would always rather be on stage than behind the desk so this is going to be fun for me."


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