Nicole Scherzinger is thinking about permanently moving to the UK, *unravels the welcome bunting*

She may have moved to the UK on a temporary basis for this year's X Factor but now it seems that Nicole Scherzinger is now thinking about making the move permanent.

Nicole is considering moving to the UK on a permanent basis Copyright: [rex]

In a word: Schermazing.

The reigning X Factor judge told Heat magazine that since moving to old blighty, she now considers it her second home.

She said:  "I actually like the British weather and I'm getting good at the accent, too.

"Britain is my second home now. I'm not going anywhere!"

During her time on the X Factor, Nicole made the conscious decision to put her music career on hold so she could focus all of her attention on mentoring her acts.

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However, with the competition now over, Nicole promises that she will be back doing what she was best next year.

And by doing what she does best we of course mean making music, not creating new words for the English language.

Nicole will be releasing new music next year. Copyright: [Splash]

She explained: "I put my album aside for my boys on 'The X Factor' and I'm coming back next year really strong. I'll be coming back blazing with my single 'Boomerang'."

From what we've heard of Boomerang, Nicole's return to music will have been well worth the wait.

Nicole also revealed that although she has spent most of her career brimming with supposed confidence, behind closed doors it was another story.

She revealed: "I spent 10 years - the whole time I was in the Pussycat Dolls - as two people, one on stage and then behind closed doors. I was this girl who was lost and lonely, hating myself.

"Just because you wear a corset and dance doesn't mean you think you are beautiful. I was unbelievably insecure and I couldn't control it.

"My metabolism was all messed up. I was losing the one thing I only ever wanted to do: sing. I saw therapists, psychiatrists, life coaches and dealt with it head on."