Nicole Scherzinger surprised by Lewis Hamilton at X Factor rehearsals, love the matching caps

Nicole Scherzinger and Lewis Hamilton are usually on different time zones, so it's nice to see that the pair are hanging out a bit more now she's UK based whilst appearing on the X Factor.

Lewis Hamilton and Nicole ScherzingerNicole Scherzinger was surprised yesterday by her boyfriend Lewis Hamilton. Copyright [Rex]In fact, Nicole Scherzinger and Lewis Hamilton showed their romantic sides yesterday, as Lewis turned up to surprise his girlfriend at the X Factor rehearsals - and they were even wearing matching caps.

We love a good his and hers ensemble.

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Lewis Hamilton turned up at a London studio where Nicole Scherzinger was sitting in on her boys' rehearsals.

With the X Factor semi-finals fast approaching this weekend, Nicole is probably feeling the pressure. She has James Arthur and Jahmene Douglas remaining in the competition, and we reckon that they're firm contenders for the X Factor crown. That is, so long as people (we don't even know who these people are) stop voting for Christopher Maloney.

Nicole ScherzingerNicole Scherzinger was dressed down at the X Factor rehearsals yesterday. Copyright [Rex]So we think Nicole would've been pretty pleased to see her fit boyfriend popping in to say hi, even if she was in her trackies.

In fact, we like the fact that in between the X Factor live shows, Nicole slips out of her glamorous frocks and into tracksuit bottoms and hoodies.

It makes us feel like she's one of us.