Nicole Scherzinger and Rylan Clark wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. Too cute.

We've spent most of today wishing we were American so that we could eat pumpkin pie and tones of turkey all day.

Nicole Scherzinger and Rylan ClarkNicole Scherzinger and Rylan Clark wished everyone a happy Thanksgiving with this Twitpic. Copyright [Nicole S …Because it is Thanksgiving after all - a fact that Nicole Scherzinger and Rylan Clark have reminded us of with this cute Twitpic.

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Nicole Scherzinger tweeted an adorable snap of her and Rylan Clark who had carefully spelled out the words: "Happy Thanksgiving, love Nicole and Rylan" in sweets.

Nicole and Rylan went all out with paper turkeys and signs and everything. They also looked like proper little BFFs in the photo. Too cute.

Nicole Scherzinger hasn't let the fact that she's currently in the UK put her off celebrating Thanksgiving.

Nicole Scherzinger also tweeted this photo and said she was thankful for the balls on the tree. Standard. Copyright …She tweeted this morning: "Even though I'm in the UK it's still #thanksgiving for me, so today I'm celebrating a whole day of #givethanks..."

She started her thankful tweets with a dedication to her family: "I am #thankful for my mom Rosemary and my family. I love you so much I wish I was with you all back home"

That got us a little bit emotional. But the second Thanksgiving tweet was in true Scherzy style.

She said: "I am #thankful for balls on trees..."

Standard Schermazing craziness, there.

Now, we're off to at least pretend we're American and shove a load of food in our faces.